How do I set the price on my mechanical computer?

Following are the instructions for setting prices for specific price ranges:

VR-10 Computers
VR-10/4 Computers
2002E and 4203

What are the options for Mechanical Computers that price over $3 per gallon?

You need to consider the application and the equipment presently installed. Following are the options available that will allow continued use of mechanical computers with the increasing price of gasoline: Computer Options (PDF)

How do I identify the model and type of Mechanical Computer?

PMP provides an Identification Chart for Mechanical Computers.Review the chart for the type of reset, wheel configuration and price per gallon/liter: Computer ID Chart (PDF)

What other issues do I need to consider when upgrading to a VR-10 computer?

When upgrading to a VR-10 computer you need to be alert to three factors: changing the price per gallon on a VR-10 is different; you may need to upgrade the pulser and you may need to change the computer faceplate on the pump – for more information, download the VR-10 Upgrade Information (PDF).

I followed the VR-10 (or VR-10/4) price setting instructions and I still have a problem. What is my next step?

Missing Step #4 is the most common problem when setting the price on VR-10 and VR-10/4 computers. For instructions and photos, download VR-10 Price Setting Step No. 4 (PDF).

What are the advantages to "whole cent" pricing on a VR-10 computer?

To set the price per gallon in "whole cents" (no 9/10) on a VR-10 follow the instructions on the PDF:

How do I install the 3.999 Gear Kit?

The PMP 3.999 Gear Kit can be installed on V-R 2002E and PMP 4203 computers to allow them to price from $3.000 $3.999 per gallon. Follow the instuctions on the PDF: 3.999 Gear Kit Instructions

How do I install the Compound Gear Stud for 3.999 Kit?

For installation instructions, download the PDF: Install Compound Gear Stud for 3.999 Kit

What is the proper positioning of the Mechanical Computer Reset Mechanism?

For instructions on how to set the proper positioning of the mechanical computer reset mechanism, download the PDF: Proper Positioning of Reset Mechanism

How do I set a Mechanical Computer to price over $1.999 per gallon?

For instructions, download the PDF.

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