What are the correct DIP Switch setting for the DW-10 printer?

See PMP Pulse-Technical Bulletin #49 for the correct DIP swicth settings for the DW-10 printer. Click here for DW-10 Dip Switch Settings

Do you have a troubleshooting checklist that will help me with my Wayne® / IBM® 4610 SureMark™ printer?

Click on this link for a PMP troubleshooting checklist for the 4610 printer: PMP Pulse - 4610 Printer Troubleshooting Checklist

What should I do if my console locks up and/or fails to respond to commands?

Whenever you are having trouble with any console one of the first things to do is power down/turn-off the system power. Wait at least two minutes. This will help reset both the console and the printer.

For a complete checklist: VeriFone 950 Trouble Shooting Checklist

How do I keep my VeriFone Ruby system from shutting down or rebooting?

Power the VeriFone 950 printer with its own power supply!

PMP # 68910 – PS-180 Power Supply powers only the printer. It allows the printer to be turned on and off without powering down or rebooting the entire Ruby System.

Click here: PS-180 Power Supply Installation Instructions

How do I replace the TM-U950 printer in VeriFone Ruby System?

When replacing a TM-U950 printer in a VeriFone Ruby system, do not turn the VeriFone 950 printer “ON” and “OFF.” This will cause the Ruby system to shutdown or reboot when powered with a Power Brick.

Follow these Instructions for Installers and Operators

Do I need to install and feed paper to clear error messages on the printer and console?

Yes. Installing and feeding paper is necessary for the sensors in the printer to communicate with the console and clear error messages. Use the correct paper as recommended by the OEM. Install paper according to the instructions and the paper-feed diagram for the printer.

The console is showing an error code. What can I do?

See your VeriFone System Manual for instructions to resolve error codes.
If the error code does not clear or reoccur call PMP at 1-800-243-6628 - ask for Printer Technical Assistance.

How do I get my Citizen 3500 series printer to communicate with the console?

The Citizen® 3530 / 3535 / 3540 and 3550 series of receipt printers are utilized in a number of POS systems. To operate correctly, they need the correct OEM cable and DIP switch settings. Most applications can use an off-the-shelf printer with “generic” settings. However there are several applications that require specific settings…

This bulletin covers DIP Switches, self-test and general printer operation: PMP Technical Bulletin on Citizen 3500 Series Printers

How do I clear a paper jam?

All printers will perform better and last longer if properly maintained and serviced. Paper jams must be cleared carefully so as not to damage the print head or the paper guides that help feed the paper and keep it in alignment. Never use a sharp implement to clear a paper jam.

How do I connect my VeriFone 950 printer to the VeriFone® Ruby™ console?

To connect 950 printer to the Ruby console, click here and follow the steps and diagram on the PDF.

How do I do a “self-test” on the printer to tell if the printer is working?

A printer self-test checks only the printer operation – not the console. If the self-test operates correctly the error is then most likely in the communication cable, the power supply or in the console.

Click here and follow the steps on the PDF. Refer to the OEM printer manual that came with your printer for instructions on running a self-test on your printer.

My printer is printing “garbage,” “hieroglyphics,” “a foreign language,” “gobbledygook.” What should I do?

Whenever you are having trouble with any printer one of the first things to do is power down/turn-off the power. Wait at least two minutes… This helps reset the printer. Run a printer self-test.

If the printer has DIP switches check to see that they set correctly. For many applications there are factory recommended DIP switch settings. If possible, check the DIP switch settings on the old printer and set the new printer to match these settings.

My printer is not printing!

There are many reasons a printer will not print.

  1. Check to be sure the printer is plugged in and there is power to the outlet.
  2. Check to be sure the printer power switch is ON.
  3. Check to insure that all cables are securely connected to the printer.
  4. Open the printer cover and check for obstructions, which would prevent the movement of the print head.
  5. Check for paper jams.
  6. Check to be sure the printer ribbon is installed correctly and advancing.
  7. If present, turn the ribbon advance knob in the direction indicated on the cartridge. This will check to insure the ribbon ins moving freely. A jammed ribbon will lock-up the printer and cause an error messages. It can also lead to printer damage.

VeriFone 950 Trouble Shooting Checklist

My printer is printing very lightly or almost not at all.

Thermal printers use heat sensitive paper.
  1. Check the installation and feeding instructions for your printer. It is easy to put the paper in “backwards.” The “shiny” side must be towards the print head.
  2. Always use fresh paper that has been kept away from heat and light.
  3. Install paper according to the instructions and the paper-feed diagram for the printer.
  4. If the thermal paper is too old or has been stored in an area with too much heat it will no longer be sensitive enough to print. 
Dot-matrix printers use a ribbon.
  1. Check that the printer ribbon is install correctly. Refer to the instructions and the ribbon installation diagram on the printer. Reinstall if necessary.
  2. Turn the ribbon advance knob to remove any slack. The ribbon must advance when printing.
  3. Do not use the ribbon if the ribbon advance knob is difficult to turn or jammed. Replace the ribbon cartridge.
  4. Install paper according to the instructions and the paper-feed diagram for the printer.

My printer went “Off-Line.” What should I do?

Printers will go off-line if the paper roll is empty. Replace paper roll. Use the correct paper as recommended by the OEM. Install paper according to the instructions and paper feed diagram for your printer.

My printer is missing dots or there are black lines through the print.

Missing dots or black lines through the print usually means the print head is damaged and/or the print head is nearing the end of its useable print life.

Call your local service company to replace the printer. Request a quality remanufactured printer from PMP Corporation.

Where can I buy paper for my printer?

Contact your local distributor for paper. Refer to the OEM printer manual that came with your printer for paper specification.

Using good quality paper will greatly reduce dust and extend the life of the printer. Do not use recycled paper. Printers gather paper dust and debris through normal use. Continued accumulation will eventually cause erratic operation or prevent operation of the printer. It is important to gently blow out the dust and debris, especially in the sensor areas. A good practice is to use canned, compressed air to gently blow dust out of the printer each time you change a roll of paper or once a week.

For further assistance, please call PMP Corporation at 1-800-243-6628.

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