4002M Computer Configured for a Standard, 2-Lever Reset

4002M Metric Computer configured for a Standard, 2-Lever Reset (mechanical spring-loaded reset). This is not for use with dispensers utilizing an electric reset.  Equivalent to a 2002M (with a 4002M or 2002M core return)

Used in Bennett®, Gilbarco®, Smith®, Universal Epsco®, Southwest®/Schlumberger® and Wayne® equipment.

"M" Type computers display liters and require a meter equipped with Imperial Gears.

The 4002M computer can be set to a maximum price of $1.99 per gallon. The computer is capable of registering a maximum total sale of $99.99.

Each revolution of the right hand money wheel is equal to $0.40.

Right hand quantity wheel displays 100th of a liter.

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