Why go with PMP?

The PMP Difference:

PMP offers a wide variety of manufactured and remanufactured components for the petroleum and convenience store industries.  PMP’s goal is to have our products perform better than the original!  That’s the PMP standard.  We achieve this goal through a combination of product quality, customer experience and value.

 Product quality:  Quality is our primary focus here at PMP.  We ensure that all of our remanufactured and manufactured parts perform to the highest standard.

 For our remanufactured products, PMP completely remanufactures every product — not just repairing the obvious defects. We go through each printer, cash drawer, meter, computer, vapor recovery pump, sensor and register from top to bottom, inside and out — inspecting, repairing and replacing anything that is not 100% operational. We use the best parts and highest quality materials throughout the remanufacturing process and try to improve on the original design where possible. Finally, we rigorously test each and every unit to ensure it performs according to the PMP standard.

 For our manufactured products, PMP manufactures our displays, boards and kits with the highest quality materials.  We strive to come up with innovative solutions to customer needs such as being the first company to offer LED backlights for Gilbarco® Advantage™ dispensers.  We test all of our manufactured components to ensure that it performs to the PMP standard.

 Customer experience:  At PMP we want our customers to shine.  That is why we strive to ensure that our products enable the service technician to do the job right the first time.  Whether it is including installation O-rings with every meter, providing free technical support, or shipping 99% of orders on the day they are ordered, we make sure that our customers get their parts quickly and are ready to do the job when they get on site.  That is how we make our customers shine! 

 Value:  PMP always offers competitive pricing on components.  That along with a generous warranty that starts at the date of installation allows our customers to be sure that they are getting good value for their dollar.

 Lower your maintenance costs and improve your profitability with PMP products. Call 800-243-6628 for the name and location of your nearest PMP distributor.

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