VR-10M Computer configured for a Tokheim® full automatic reset

PMP Part #: 17003-2 OEM Part #: VR-10MOEM Part #: 776645-002

PMP Part #: 17003-2

OEM Part #: VR-10M 776645-002

VR-10M Computer configured for a Tokheim Full Automatic Reset (single lever, mechanical spring-loaded reset). This is not for use with dispensers utilizing an electric reset.

This type of computer was used in some Tokheim pumps prior to July, 1976.  Prior to ordering a VR-10M with this type of reset, please positively identify the type of reset mechanism on the side of the computer to ensure that you do not want the much more common 17003-5.  The 17003-5 is a PMP remanufactured VR-10M Computer for use with a Tokheim Electric Reset.

"M" Type computers display Liters and require meter to be equipped with Imperial Gears. For Tokheim pumps.

Each revolution of the right hand money wheel is equal to $1.00.

The right hand quantity wheel is marked with increments of 1/100th of a liter.

For price settings of less than or equal to $5.999 per liter, the price can be set in 1/10th cent increments.

For price settings greater than $5.999 per liter the price can be set on in even cent increments.

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