Southwest® E-400-3 Meter, Flat Outlet 4:1 Gallon

PMP Part #: 24001 OEM Part #: E-400-3

This is a PMP remanufactured Southwest E-400-3 Meter.  It is for 4:1 gallons applications and can be identified by a flat outlet on the bottom (as opposed to the chamfered outlet on a PMP # 24003) and stamped metal adjusting dial assembly.  PMP remanufactured units have a pulser mounting bracket.

These meters were originally manufactured after mid-1986 and was used in Schlumberger® 4000 series dispensers.

This meter can be used as a replacement for the discontinued PMP # 24002 E-400 "Old Style" Southwest Meters which had a hexagonal cap over the adjusting mechanism.


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