Gilbarco® Air Eliminator, Standard Flow, Inlet 180 Degrees Off Vent

Gilbarco Air Eliminator for use with Gilbarco Pumping Units.

This air eliminator is for standard flow rates and has a short frame (frame is 9.5") with the air eliminator horizontal and the air vent facing up, the bottom fuel ports are at 6 and 9 o'clock.  It is similar to the PMP #22200, 22202 and 22204 except for port orientation.

PMP Remanufactured Air Eliminators for Gilbarco are used with PMP #’s 22010, 22012, 22013, 22014, 22015, 22017, 22019, 22029 pumping units (all PUS010, PUS011, PUS020 and Gerotor pumping units).


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